Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I Am Afraid Of

Happy Monday friends!

Today I am loving the sweet smell of Yankee Candles Sun and Sand. Has anyone had the pleasure of smelling this candle? I used to have the candle but now I have it in a reed diffuser and oh my I am in beach heaven every time I walk into my room. Halleluiah!

Today is day 7 of blog every day in May. I still can't believe I am keeping up with this challenge. I though for sure I would have missed a day already. Patting myself on the back! Today's topic is "the thing(s)  you're most afraid of."


My biggest fear is probably failure. Who likes to fail at anything, right? Currently I am fearing the failure of my child life certification exam that I am taking a week from Thursday. I am afraid of letting myself down after working so hard, and I am absolutely terrified of letting my parents down. They have worked so hard to raise me to respect life and try my hardest.

Failure aside, I am "scared" of a lot of things.

I am scared of spiders. I will avoid every and all spiders no matter the size. A couple days ago I was driving with my boyfriend when I looked to my right and there was a spider about the size of a nerd on the window. In a matter of 2 seconds I had not so calmly ripped my seat belt off and thrown myself in the back seat, never to grace to passenger's seat for the rest of the day.

I am scared of flying. Airplanes have never been a favorite place of mine, especially when they are in the air. Not to mention after September 11th, I have had extreme anxiety about flying. I am purposely "forgetting" I am flying by myself next week as to minimize the amount of panic attacks I have this week.

Another thing I am deathly afraid of is swimming in lake water or water I cannot see through. Throw me in a pool I am fine. Swim in the crystal clear waters of the carribean.. sure why not! Throw me off a boat in the middle of the lake FORGET ABOUT IT. Instant panic ensues. What was that that touched my foot? Oh only the man eating lake sharks, get me outta here!! No thank you, I prefer to remain on the boat or on the dock sunning myself!

Call me a scaredy cat if you will, it doesn't bother me... I get it all the time from my family anyways ;)

What are you afraid of?

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  1. Failure is my worst fear as well...just can't handle it.