About Me

Want to learn a little bit about the girl behind this blog?

I'm Courtney, a twenty something, recent college graduate. I am a northern girl with a country soul. I enjoy skiing and eating never ending amounts of candy. I am a perpetual procrastinator but a neurotic neat freak. I love taking pictures, however know close to nothing about photography. I am a terrible driver...ask anyone. This blog, established December of 2012, serves as my life journal. A way to keep track of the places I go, the lessons I learn and the experiences I have in this crazy little thing called "life." Stick around if you like, I'm sure you will learn a lot more about my crazy, goofball self.

Oh and there's this boy. Meet Mike, the guy I love.

We met late in our senior year of high school. We went to prom, I liked him, we stuck. He is my rock and I love him for that. He has the smarts and I have the common sense which makes for a perfect balance. He allows me to be controlling and freakish with little complaint and he still loves me... wow, hes a keeper!

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