Friday, May 31, 2013

Is it Friday or Wednesday?

I wish I could say I am super excited about today being Friday but unfortunately I am working today and all weekend. So for me, today is more like a Wednesday. Which I don't mind, I like Wednesdays too. I am not complaining.. at least I have a job!

So for every body else out there celebrating a glorious summer Friday... Happy weekend y'all!!

I just realized that I forgot to add the numbers to the pictures, so lets go in a clockwise order.

1// A pretty addition to the yard. I see myself relaxing out on this cute bench.
2// A beautiful sunset coming home from getting ice cream the other day.
3// I am in love with my new phone case.
4// My old girl is so sleepy. I don't know how she can even breathe sleeping like this.
5// I loved having a morning to myself to leisurely drink coffee and blog.. RARE!

Have a fabulous weekend! Due to my work schedule I wont have anything fun for this weekends wrap-up but check back on Monday and brainstorm something fun.

1 comment:

  1. I love that bench, the color is perfect.