Friday, May 31, 2013

Is it Friday or Wednesday?

I wish I could say I am super excited about today being Friday but unfortunately I am working today and all weekend. So for me, today is more like a Wednesday. Which I don't mind, I like Wednesdays too. I am not complaining.. at least I have a job!

So for every body else out there celebrating a glorious summer Friday... Happy weekend y'all!!

I just realized that I forgot to add the numbers to the pictures, so lets go in a clockwise order.

1// A pretty addition to the yard. I see myself relaxing out on this cute bench.
2// A beautiful sunset coming home from getting ice cream the other day.
3// I am in love with my new phone case.
4// My old girl is so sleepy. I don't know how she can even breathe sleeping like this.
5// I loved having a morning to myself to leisurely drink coffee and blog.. RARE!

Have a fabulous weekend! Due to my work schedule I wont have anything fun for this weekends wrap-up but check back on Monday and brainstorm something fun.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Love Links

It happened again.. I got pulled into pinterest and could not resurface. Half the time I find myself forgetting to "pin" things I actually like. Do you know how hard it is to back track and find something you forgot you wanted to pin. Im-poss-ible! Slower than molasses going uphill. However, I did salvage a few.

<1> I love the color scheme of this bedroom
<2> I would love to turn a closet into a mini office
<3> This fun party punch
<4> I want this sweatshirt
<5> This fruit salsa looks delicious

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Bucket List: 2013 Edition

As I'm sure you all know, I am welcoming summer with open arms. None of this June 21st crap, Summer always begins on Memorial Day.. in my family that is. So in celebration of the start of my summer, I have decided to make a bucket list for summer 2013.

Let the fun begin!
  • Read 15 books (this may not seem like a lot for some of you but I am an extremely slow reader.. this will be difficult for me.)
  • Go camping in a tent
  • Go rock climbing
  • Have a cookout with my family and Mike's family (5 years and we still haven't had a big family dinner.)
  • Go to the zoo
  • Go to the beach
  • Climb 3 mountains
  • River rafting
  • Attend a Red Sox game
  • Eat smore's
  • See a movie at the drive-in (yes, we still have one near us!) 
  • visit the islands off Boston
It should be a pretty good summer.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Holiday Weekend Wrap-Up

I spent the weekend welcoming summer with my friends, family, and... winter clothes! I actually had to pull my wool socks back out of their-packed away-bin. No bueno.

here is some proof..

It is now 10:30 on Monday night, the sun came back out today and warmed up the temperatures, and I am happily back in my summer pjs.

Moving on.This weekend was tons of fun. Like playing with little puppies kind of fun. No not really, but wicked fun nonetheless. It was the perfect combination of friends and family. Lets begin on Saturday shall we?

Saturday was filled with a rowdy crew of party goers. Note to self: if you want to have a good time, attend a gathering at your roommate-in laws. My college roommate's fiance (who also happens to be my beau's good friend - hmmmm, I wonder who had a part in that introduction) graduated college recently and his family knows how to throw one good graduation bash. Despite the rain that threatened to get in the way.. we had a dancing, beer pong throwing, and cup flipping of a good time.
don't try to take pictures of boys after 8pm.. you will get the squinty "not another picture" look!

I'm going to toot our own horn... we are some good looking roommates :)

Her and her mother really know how to cut a rug. This picture does not do them justice.

Sunday morning was spent recuperating from said party. "What happened to your voice!" my mom yelled at me the minute I said good morning to her. What happened? I spent the night battling the DJ's speaker, that's what happened! I must mention, the speaker won. BUT the DJ's were killin' it!

After my brother made me breakfast for the second time this weekend..

Thank you Cammy.

... retail therapy was in order. Mom and I made our way to the new outlets. Wardrobe-1 Wallet-0. I did however purchase my first maxi dress!

Memorial Day was spent brunching with my Dad's side of the family and visiting my grandfather's grave. A perfect day of visiting with family and reflecting on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in order to ensure our freedom.

What holiday weekend is complete without going out for ice cream? None.. correct. Peppermint heaven in a cup.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Happy Memorial Day!

May we always remember those who fought for our freedom, 
especially our fallen heroes.

May we also keep those in the military today in our thoughts and prayers.
Thank you to them and their families for their sacrifice!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

High Five

...for Friday!

(p.s. if you are reading this and it is still Thursday, I apologize. I would not have time in the morning to post this before work. Lets just pretend.)

Woohoo, I love Friday's
especially when I have the holiday weekend off!

After neglecting my most favorite post of the week for so long, I have finally gotten back on schedule.

1//I miss him already. Its only been three days. Thank goodness I get to spend more time with him this weekend.

2//If you haven't read this book, DO IT! I was hooked and read it in 2 days.

3//My new favorite Starbucks summer drink: passion fruit tea, sweetened.

4//LETS GO BRUINS! Stanley Cup Playoffs!

5//my dad's fortune.. he gave it to me.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Colorado Part II

Today it was back to the grind. After a nice 10 day vacation it was back to work for this girl. On any other occasion I would complain but I am still reveling in my new found freedom. I forgot what it was like to actual have leisure time and not feel guilty about not studying. Can this chick get an Amen?!

Since I have returned from Colorado 2 days ago, I have already finished my post-exam book. Nicholas Sparks got my heart thumping yet again with his book The Rescue. I loved everything about it. Read it... I dare you.

As promised, here is the second installment of my Colorado pictures.

Day 4:
Friday was pretty low key. Mike and I spent the morning running around Denver with dad. By noon he was off to the airport and on his way home. Mike and I had a nice date night that evening to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. I am still shocked typing that. I cannot believe it has already been 5 years since we started dating. Happy Anniversary Michael, I love you!

Day 5:
Saturday was one of my favorite days. Mike and I got up, had breakfast and rented a car all by 10:00am. We then headed off to Colorado Springs to visit the Air Force Academy and the Garden of The Gods. Unfortunately the academy was preparing for graduation so visitors were restricted to where we could visit. But I still fell in love with the school. It was beautiful and I felt proud just being there. The Garden of The Gods was beautiful and I will let those pictures speak for themselves! We finished off the night by going to a Colorado Rockies game. It was so much fun and would you believe it... THEY WON! They wiped the field with the SF Giants.
Day 6:
Good-bye Colorado. A sad day had by all. I was super sad to leave and a little bit uncomfortable after a homeless lady cast some weird voodoo spell on Mike and I. I felt terrible but neither one of us had any cash to offer her and she did not like that. After cussing us out and wishing bad things upon us, we decided to vacate the area and head back to our hotel to prepare for departure.. only to have flights get delayed and not return to Boston until 3 am. It was an extremely long travel day and we were so happy to crawl into bed at 4 in the morning!

My favorite thing we did? Definitely going to see Breckenridge and The Garden Of The Gods.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Colorado Part I

I was told before coming out to Colorado that I would love it here and never want to go back home. Well they were right, I absolutely fell in love with this state!

Day 1:
My dad and I both arrived and went to our hotel. We were not impressed with the hotel. It was a lot little dumpy and we decided that night to change hotels. Before that we hit the town and explored Denver. We went to a local aquarium... we are spoiled in Boston with the Boston Aquarium but the Denver Aquarium was exciting as well. We then grabbed dinner and a movie and headed back to the hotel for a good sleep. It was a perfect father-daughter bonding day.

Day 2:
We got up early and got out of the first hotel and went and checked in at our new hotel. It was like going from homeless to the Taj Mahal. We were extremely happy we changed hotels. Not to mention the service was much better! After checking into our new hotel we went out for a nice river walk and then to the biggest Starbucks I have ever seen. Once caffeinated it was off to the Denver Zoo. Unfortunately I don't have all my zoo pictures at this time because they are on my camera and I still don't have my cable. Don't fret, I will be sure to post pictures of all the cute animals at a later date.

the Taj Mahal of hotels

Day 3:
EXAM DAY! I woke up early, nerves already setting in, had a well balanced breakfast and was off to take my test. The one reason I came to Denver was finally here. Shaking? Yes. Panicking? Yes. Confident? Yes. But, I knew it was now or never and I was confident in how I prepared. 6 weeks, I have to wait 6 weeks to know how I did. May the grace of God be with me. Keep your fingers crossed!

While I was taking my exam, My dad went to the airport and picked up the boyfriend. When I finished they picked me up and off to the Rocky Mountains we went. One word... beautiful!! It was amazing. I found myself pinching my arm making sure I wasn't dreaming. The mountains were so pretty and snow capped. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

my favorite!

Gorgeous huh?

I'll be back tomorrow with part II.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Greetings from Denver, CO.
I had all plans to post the first three days of my trip today.
I actually had it almost all drafted up...
until I realized I left my camera cable at home and cannot upload pictures.

I took some pictures with my phones so that will just have to do for now.
I will post all about my trip when I get home.
Complete with the pictures from my camera.


This state is so beautiful. I cannot wait to come in the winter and ski!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flying Solo

Hi Friends!

So clearly I am not going to be able to keep up with "Blog Every Day In May." I hate to say that but with my test this week and traveling to Denver, it is unrealistic to think I am going to be able to blog every day. What was I thinking?

Speaking of Denver. I just landed and it was the first time I have ever flown alone. Gasp!

I hate flying. I am terrified of it. I would prefer to drive everywhere, as crazy as that sounds. Yeah, I know that flying is the safest way to travel... blah blah blah. But still. I like my feet firmly planted on the ground. Unless I am riding a roller coaster. Does that sound backwards to you? I've been told that before.

I am currently sitting in the baggage claim area waiting for my dad that is flying in on a later flight. Have you ever just sat at the airport and "people watched?" Holy cow, there are a lot of strange people out there! I love to just sit and watch everyone scurry around trying to find their loved ones or their luggage. It quite the time. I have already seen two soldiers reunited with their families. It was emotional, I started balling and desperately tried to make it seem like I had something in my eye!

Now I am off to study a little bit. My test is on Thursday and I am taking tomorrow off and not worrying about studying. As far as I am concerned, if I don't know it now, I won't know it then. Il'll try to post some things that I do but expect a large photo dump and a recap when I get home!

In other news. My dog has turned into an alien...

and the unit I work on in the hospital has acquired a pet. Meet Mr. Bubby. We have noticed he greatly improves the mood of our patients. And we like that!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mom,
I appreciate you.
I support you.
I thank you.
I love you.

Happy Mother's Day!