Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco De Mayo: Birthday Edition

I don't quite know how to start this blog post. If you could see my right now you would be giving me the stink face looking me up and down. Currently I am curled up on an overstuffed chair with my feet up on my dogs bed, I am wearing junky sweats with my greasy, grimy hair pulled up on top of my head. Quite the looker. I know what you are thinking so stop judging me, clearly I am still recuperating from the weekends Cinco De Mayo festivities. Which may I add rocked our socks off while allowing us all to be in bed by 1am. I cannot confirm nor deny if we were all fuzzy faced and slurring our speech when we got in bed... but it was a great night.

What better way to celebrate the two of your best friends birthdays than spending it with all your college groupies in Boston on Cinco De Mayo. There is none.

I apologize for all the blurry pictures, we were mostly working with cell phones and a broken camera.

We started the night off by popping some bubbly and choking down shots.

We then went to the Yard House for Maura and Paige's birthday dinner. A wait that was supposed to be only 30 minutes turned into about an hour and 45 minutes. Thank god for the bar and good friends because after crawling walking a mile in 5 inch heels I was in need of a stiff drink and some good laughs. No bueno.

One of birthday girls, sorry Paige..

Oh you want a sip of my beer, let me help you with that!

After dinner and drinks we hit up a bar around the corner where we let loose. And drank some more. I swear to you, we are not a bunch of lushes but our reunions are far and few between so we know how to have a good time when we can.

We ended up back at Paige's apartment by 1am. Cupcakes, brownies and 10 gallons of water were consumed by all and we all hit the hay. Thank goodness for air mattresses. Poor Eric got stuck in the girls room.

Somehow I don't think he was complaining. Can't say as I blame him.

Happy Birthday Girls! I can't wait for next year!

Did you all have fun on Cinco De Mayo? What did you do? 

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