Thursday, May 9, 2013

Saw It, Pinned It, Did It

Oh my goodness, two posts in one day! That has never happened before. But this link up was too good not to take part in.

I am participating in Stephanie and Katie's link up today.

I saw a DIY project on Pinterest. I loved the idea. Naturally I pinned it for a later date. Recently I completed the project and I am very pleased with the outcome!

I bring you my canvas paintings.. (this picture does not do them justice, I had a difficult time photographing them with the terrible lighting and sparkly paint)

I found inspiration here and adapted the project a little bit. I didn't want to use duct tape, I preferred to use canvas paint and painters tape.

 This project was very quick and easy. I placed the painter's tape vertically on the canvas, placing some at different angles. I wrapped the tape around the canvas to the back to ensure it stayed in place.

I then used "Extreme Glitter" silver acrylic paint and painted two coats between the painter's tape.

Let dry and carefully remove the tape and voila!!

Huge thanks to Carpenter John (the pops) who helped me hang the canvas above my bed. I am super excited that I now have some wall decorations in my plane jane room!

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