Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Can't Believe

this picture does not relate to my post.. at all.. I just like it
I can't believe my child life certification exam is in exactly one month. It is crunch time. I am studying more and preparing for Denver. I cannot wait! Plans changed a little, my dad is flying out with me for a couple of days and then he leaves and my boyfriend flies out to spend the rest of the week with me. My exam will be over by the time Mike comes so we will have three days to explore Colorado. I am so excited to spend some much needed "couple" time with that boy!

I can't believe Spring is starting to show her beautiful colors around the Northeast! I am so happy our flowers are starting to bloom and our grass continues to get greener each day. I love the beauty of April and May!

I can't believe I actually made it to the gym this morning. It was hard getting up and motivated after a couple twelve hour shifts at work but I enjoyed having the day off and spending the morning at the gym.

I can't believe all the new country music that is out. IT IS GREAT! I listen to country music ALL the time, but especially in the spring and summer. It just makes me want to be out in the country running through a field or horseback riding. Hunter Hayes and The Band Perry are making me so happy today!

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