Thursday, April 4, 2013

Friday Letters

I am welcoming today with open arms. This week has been the longest week.EVER.

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Since I have been eating, sleeping and breathing hospital policies for the last week at orientation, I have had little time to do anything else. I have decided to forgo the usual high five (unless you want 5 pictures of the hospital campus.. which you don't) and partake in Friday Letters. Here goes.

Dear new friends,
I met you at a boring orientation.
We became a close group of friends over the
last couple days. I am going to miss you!
Thank you for making me laugh!

Dear sun,
Thank you for shining so bright today.
You warmed up the weather and made
everyone a lot more happy!

Dear doggies,
I love curling up with you at night.
It is a new favorite part of my daily routine.
Cuddles for days, so please don't stop!

Dear air mattress,
Surprisingly, you are pretty comfortable!
Thank you for sticking it out this week while my
new mattress makes its slow way to me!
And for not deflating on me after all
the Easter candy I have eaten!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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