Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bedroom Inspiration: Calm and Elegant

"Calm and elegant" is my mantra for my bedroom design.

I want a place I can retreat to that has a relaxing atmosphere. However, I have a difficult space to work with. My room was built with the additions made to our finished basement, therefore, I do not have much natural light. I have been collecting various pieces of inspiration to help with my design progress. (ps - I will post pictures once my room is almost done. Right now it looks a little too mis-matchy for my liking)


I love the idea of an elegant but comfortable room.

Circular end tables are a new favorite of mine. I just re-finished a circular wicker table that I am using as my side table. It will make it's way to the blog in the future.

I don't have a headboard on my bed so I want to DIY one. I was thinking something like this with a matching throw pillow.

I have also thought about a picture frame collage to dress up the room. I will have to see how much space I have on the walls after all the preliminary designing has been completed.

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