Monday, April 1, 2013

A Whole Bunch Of Nothing!

Hi Friends!

Disclaimer: This post has absolutely no importance or value..

I have been running around for the past three days and I haven't had time to get on the computer and blog. I actually haven't even turned my computer on since Saturday morning... unbelievably, I know! As of right now I am semi moved into my dad's house. My room looks like a hurricane came through. It is very difficult for my type A personality. Unfortunately my new bed will not be delivered until next week so I am currently sleeping on an air mattress on my floor. Each day I find a place for one more than in my room. I did get my closet organized and color coordinated which was a huge relief.

It is in the early stages but I am getting there!

Easter was a relaxing day with family and a scrumptious meal prepared by my daddy! I was too busy catching up with the sissy and eating unhealthy food, but I did manage to capture my favorite Easter treats!

Today was my first day of my new job and therefore came the obligatory photo-op like it was my first day of school!

Since I am working at the same hospital as my entire family, Dad and I carpooled in together. And thanks to little sleep and allergies, my face was very much puffy for my ID picture.. woohoo!!

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