Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's On My Salad

I am linking up with Kristine from Heart Shaped Sweat for today's #what'sonyoursalad.

Truth be told, I used to hate eating salad. I didn't like the texture of lettuce (I have a thing with texture and food, high maintenance, I know) and I was very picky about the veggies and salad dressing that went into my salads. When I went to college, there was an amazing salad bar in the dining hall and I quickly began LOVING salads.

I really like having control over what goes into my salads. I enjoy a combination of greens, different veggies, cheese -and lots of it- I recently became a lover of goat cheese but you cannot go wrong with a nice sprinkle of cheddar, and won tons are my new go to for some crunch. I also love throwing some fruit into the mix as well. strawberries go really well with goat cheese and apples are good in any salad.

Here are the salads I especially loved this week.

this picture does not do the salad justice, it tastes much better than it looks.. promise!
Apple and goat cheese salad from a local restaurant, Tavern In The Square. It has granny smith apples, goat cheese, walnuts and a chardonnay dressing. To say this was delicious would be an understatement.

My next favorite salad recipe of the week was from a fellow blogger, Melissa from My Soul Is The Sky. You can click the link and check the recipe out, it was absolutely to die for!

I didn't have any granola so I used my trusty won tons but it was still tasty!



  1. Stopped by from the link up. That top salad looks delish! I don't know about you, but I'm loving the accountability of having a salad to take a picture of in order to participate.

  2. I was the same way just a few years ago...picky with textures and such. So glad that has changed! Your salads look super yummy!! Apples on salads are one of my favorites and you've convinced me that I must try goat cheese! Thanks for linking up, lots of fun!!

  3. I wouldn't necessarily eat goat cheese on its own but in salads its very tasty! I am very happy I have able to get past my salad phobia!

  4. Hey Courtney! I just heard from Heart Shaped Sweat that you tried out my salad recipe! I'm happy to hear you liked it, thanks for posting a link (:

  5. Thank you for posting the recipe, it is mine and my mom's new favorite!! :)

  6. Courtney your salad had the most hits from last weeks link up! So fun!! Hope to have you back again :)