Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jewelry, Pens, and Pictures

Yesterday was a GREAT day. My car needed to have some major work done, since I wasn't going to have a car all day, I took the day off and spent it with my Mom and Brother. My little brother, Cam, is a freshman in high school (where has time gone?) and has mid terms this week, which means he only has to go to school during his scheduled exam times.

My mom and I dropped him off at his exam and then decided to use the couple hours to ourselves to go shopping. We started at Home Goods where I was able to find some new things to spice up my room! When I moved home from college (yes, still living at home for the time being, but not complaining) I decided I really wanted to change EVERYTHING about my room. I have slowly been adding decorative pieces for personality. And if I can find anything for organization I will buy it in a heart beat because I am trying to be more organized and live simpler. I bought a new jewelry tree (I came up with that name on my own, not quite sure what to call it), a picture frame, and a desk organizer.

drum roll please.....

Jewelry Tree:

I love my new desk organizer

It was kind of a free for all and would roll all over when I opened the drawer
anxiety instantly reduced

and my fabulous new picture frame. I am not quite sure if it will be used for a picture or a quote. I am open to suggestions!

Two hours later and Cam had completed his exam and we were all starving, so to celebrate his first mid term we took him out to lunch!

The day was great, however the evening was poor when I picked up my car and saw the bill. Holy cow, I cannot afford my own car!

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