Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reflecting With A Little Fever

These days I do a lot of reflecting. You know staring off into space thinking about anything except what I should be doing. That's reflecting right?

No but seriously. I can't say I am (at all) where I want to be right now. Moving back home and watching all your friends move out of town and start their young lives is extremely painful. Not to mention my mom tends to rub in my face on a daily basis by saying "Are you home for dinner tonight?" I roll my eyes at her smile and politely say "yes mom!" while thinking to myself "who else am I going to eat with?" I know she asks just to be sure, but it still makes me feel lonely (not that I don't love my family, but...).

I cannot wait to see where my little life leads me so in the meantime, I find myself reflecting.. a HECK of a lot. Thinking about where I am, how I got here, the opportunities that I have been given and graciously took, and the support provided by family and loved ones. My boyfriend has gotten really good at being supportive and saying the whole "I just want you to be happy" bit.. doesn't that just warm my heart. I love you hunny. I have started a new chapter of my life and I will be damned to sell myself short. Starting today, I choose to be happy.

this is what I look like when I am happy. Hi Paigey! I know you are reading this (p.s. she is the one on the far left)
So reflecting today (while driving home from work in a snow storm... great time to staring off into space huh? I kid, I kid) about where I am currently and what I am doing, I have decided to let you guys in my head a little. I got this idea from Erin over at Living In Yellow and I thought it was so fun! So here goes.. whose with me?

disclaimer: I wrote this post last night at 11:30pm. Take note.
Currently I'm Sitting in bed writing this post watching Friends... seriously, the BEST show ever. Please come back with a reunion!
Reading my study guide for Child Life while studying for the one exam that determines whether all my hard work has paid off. Absolutely no pressure.. YEA RIGHT!
Ordering fun handbags and accessories from Thirty-One. Going broke.
Listening to Ross and Rachel argue (what's new) on this episode of Friends.
Drinking Hot chocolate with three large marshmallows. Yea, yea, yea judge all you want, but I haven't indulged in any sweets in three days so I will have three marshmallows with my mint hot chocolate!
Recovering from the dentist. You would think my hygienist had it out for me today while insisting "you have the most beautiful teeth!" Yea well I wont have any left if you keep scraping like that! hmmmm.. as I sit here loving me some three marshmallows.
Hitting my head for not filling my car with gas on my way home from work, now I have to leave that much earlier in the morning to hit the gas station before work.
Avoiding thinking about my doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon. I really really really don't want to have surgery on my neck. Fingers crossed I don't have to. DARN, now I thought about it...
Eating Well duh... three LARGE marshmallows in mint hot chocolate
Debating whether to watch the Friends blooper reel before bed. I've only seen it a gazillion times.
Getting yelled at for going to bed so late last night. Oh to have my own place and be able to go to bed whenever I want without having to sneak around my house like a mouse.
Laughing at how much you guys are going to judge me for the answer to the next topic. Please, go easy on me. It's kind of embarrassing.
Crushing on the one and only Justin Bieber. HAHA now I am really laughing because I refuse to erase that and lie to you guys. Yes, I know your all thinking "..but Courtney, you are in your twenties.." I am not crushing on him thinking I'm going to be the next Mrs. Bieber, I just really like his new music and ever since I watched Never Say Never (a quote I live by, btw) I have loved all the girly songs.
Currently saying "I can't believe I just admitted my Bieber Fever" 

and with that, this humiliated gal is off to conquer the day!

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  1. go conquer the day! glad to hear you're not gonna loose out on any happy days with worry or too much regret. Life makes it's own paths and opens doors when we least expect it. Keep smiling !!! and I guess crushing on Bieber...if you must ;)