Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Yard House

With the job search consuming my life and wreaking havoc on my ability to have fun, I decided I was going to take a night off. I went to visit Mike (my beau) in Boston last night and I was determined to enjoy myself and not even think about the future. We went to dinner with a couple friends and I politely (or not so politely) shot down any "so how's the job search coming" questions. Let me tell you, it was nice to go out and enjoy some friendly company. Not to mention, the food and drinks were delicious!

We went to the Yard House. This place was amazing! They had 200 beers on tap, which can be a little intimidating for someone (like me) who does not have a taste for beer. However between the help of the kind waitress and my lovely friends, I was able to find two fruity beers that weren't so bad.

I enjoyed my goblets, while Mike feasted on his "yard" of beer.

I feel so much better after taking a night off of stress and worrying. Laughing and joking around with friends was just what I needed. It was a great way to start off 2013!

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