Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stowe-ing Away

Happy Saturday morning! It felt so good to sleep in and enjoy my coffee this morning on my couch watching HGTV and blogging (a multi-tasker I am indeed). As I promised, here is a recap on my mini-cation I had earlier this week!

For my Christmas gift, Mike booked a 3-day mini vacation in Stowe, VT for some fun skiing! If you haven't gathered yet, I love skiing and other winter sports (who doesn't love frost bite and wind chapped faces?) no but really, the hot chocolate at the end of every day makes it so much more enjoyable.

The inn we stayed at was so comfortable it felt like home. We made it to Stowe on Monday afternoon, went skiing on Tuesday and went sight seeing on Wednesday. We were driving home saying, "where the heck did the last three days go?" Of course it went by in a flash but it was a whole lot of fun!

Ready for all the pictures? Okay, here you go!

This was the Inn we stayed in, it had such an old Austrian feel to it
such a pretty view from every angle
It took us 5 seconds to trash the room with all of our stuff (lets be real, its mostly my stuff)
It was literally like skiing down into the abyss

bundled up so much, it was -10 at the top

Our view from breakfast
Any Sound of Music fans? This is the Von Trapp Family Lodge
It is beautiful

What a view huh?

uhhh duh

Well we had to try this new limited batch of a perfect creation
We finished our mini-cation off with some ice cream while driving home.. safe? probably not.

That was one of my best mini-cations ever!

I just realized we don't have any pictures together....UGHHHH! I always try to get strangers to take pictures of us where ever we go!

Michael- Thank you for such a great three days. I love you!


  1. Ok, now I'm dreaming of mini vacay! Stowe, VT looks like a pristine winter wonderland! Your pictures are gorgeous :) those slopes are incredible! Such an adrenaline rush, I'm sure!! Glad you had a good time!!

  2. Thank you! :) I love big vacations but mini-cations break up the time perfectly!