Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If I'd Know Then

I just began reading my second book this month (working on my February goals). The book, part of the What I Know Now series, is called If I'd Known Then. It is a compilation of letters written by women in their 20's and 30's to their younger selves. Jessica Alba, Emily Brydon, Misty Copeland, Lisa Loeb, and Kimberly Williams-Paisly are just a few of the woman who contributed to this book and wrote letters. I found this book in my stocking this Christmas thanks to my step mom, Marie. I am eager to dive into these letters and see what I have to learn. I felt compelled the write my own letter to my younger self. I will share.

Dear Courtney,
You are twelve years old and desperately trying to adjust to the changes to your body, thanks to puberty, but more importantly your trying to adjust to the changes within your family. Your parents divorced when you were really young and you know nothing different than having two houses and spending time with them separately. Your mom remarried your step dad when you were five years old and although you don't necessarily see eye to eye with him, he is a good man and supports you. Your dad has been with Marie for quite some time and she treats you like her own daughter. 

Your dad has been preparing to move up north with Marie to be closer to work. Something that will be extremely beneficial for him. You on the other hand cannot wrap your head around the fact that he is leaving you and moving an hour and a half away. Little do you know that move will turn out to be the best decision of his life.

Don't worry young Courtney, he will always make an effort to see you. He will come down every Wednesday and pick you up from school. You will go to the library to get some homework done before going to dinner and then tucking into the Marriot hotel for a night of the best sleep you have ever had. He will come down once a week for the next two years and spend the night with you just so you know he loves you and is always there for you. You will come to cherish these weekly father-daughter bonding nights, turning you into a biggest daddy's girl the world has ever seen.

Fast forward ten years and you are still a daddy's girl, sitting in your bedroom at your Mom's house feeling completely blessed because you truly have the best of both worlds. Your parents still get a long and have always worked together to ensure you have a superior upbringing. Your have two step parents that love and support you, a step sister that has become a very close friend and confidant and a half brother that annoys the heck of you but always can make you laugh.
Don't fret.
Your might feel like your family is unstable at the moment but soon things will fall into place, they always do. Your parents will always protect you and never leave you, no matter how far away they may be.

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