Friday, February 15, 2013

I love Friday

Woohoo it's Friday! I have a lot to be happy about this Friday. It was hard to pick only five things for my high fives this week. Between Valentine's day, a surprise visit from Mike, and a job interview this morning, it ended up to be a very positive week. Here are five things I narrowed down to be some of the best...

1. I made devil's food cupcakes with strawberry frosting for a fun Valentine's day treat.
(they were supposed to be in the shape of a heart but it was a major fail.
2. An unplanned visit by Mike brought a smile to my face.
3. My mom always gives us our favorite treats to show she loves us.
4. I am reading a good book called American Sniper. It is the autobiography of Chris Kyle. Definitely eye opening.
5. I reminded myself what it's like to be a kid again.. PBJ and goldfish.

This weekend I am heading into the city to spend time with my Valentine and celebrate all the good things happening right now!

1 comment:

  1. nothing wrong with that lunch! Makes me want a PB&J like...right now. Unplanned visits are the best...altho if my hubs shows up at my work it makes me a little nervous, I'm not used to him seeing me talk with patients, it's cute tho, gives me butterflys :) Good luck with that job possibility!!! And that book sounds really interesting!