Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five For Friday and Letters

Woowee I love Friday's! I am so excited to just spend the weekend at home and relax. We have another snow storm in the forecast, one that I am not excited for. I foresee some good reading, studying, and healthy comfort food in my near future.

I am changing things up this week. I love the idea of High Five For Friday, but I have also seen people posting "Friday Letters" which I think is a great idea as well. So I have decided to combine my H54F post with a little Friday Letters. Just go with me on this one, we'll see how it turns out!

1. Dear Michael,
Thank you a billion for my homemade edible arrangement
for Valentine's Day. It was very thoughtful and so delicious!
I love you.

2. Dear Quiet Afternoons
You gave me peace and quiet to get some much needed reading
and blogging done. I found it very therapeutic.

3. Dear Child Life Exam,
Get ready! I am coming in a couple months and 
I am going to conquer you!

4. Dear Brookline,
Your restaurants never let us down.
The smokehouse has amazing food and the atmosphere
is so fun!

5. Dear Paige,
Your Valentine's Day card I found in the mail was a sweet surprise. 
You can always make me smile.
I love you.


  1. Hi Courtney, I nominated you for a Liebster Award...stop by my blog for more details!
    LA :)

    1. Oh you are so sweet! Thank you so much,I love your blog and the design! I am working on following the award rules and answering the questions you posted :) I am excited!!