Friday, March 8, 2013

I Love Fridays

Welcome back Friday! If I wasn't working straight through to next weekend I think I would be a little more excited, however I am a lucky lady to even have a job in this world right now so I am not complaining!

What I will complain about is yet another snow storm that has reared its ugly head in the Northeast. Don't get me wrong.. I love winter and I LOVE snow. But come March, I am totally ready for some spring weather and sun. So I am currently praying to Mother Nature every day to cut us Northerners some slack and call off winter.

My high five for this week..
1. Alex and Ani finally designed a UNH bracelet and I wasted no time ordering one!
2. I got to meet up with one of my girls for dinner this week. I miss you my friend.
3. Eating clean with some fresh fruit this week.
4. I finished this amazing book. It was a great story about life through a dogs eyes.
5. I welcomed my sneakers and work out clothes back into my life and started running again woohooo!

Have a great weekend everybody! 

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