Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Cant Believe.. I Outgrew Easter Baskets

Today I am linking up with Robin from The Sunshine Diary
for her "I Can't Believe" series.

I can't believe...
I forgot how much fun Easter baskets were!

My brother and I kind of grew out of our "we love the Easter Bunny" phase. And since then my mom has stopped pretty much all forms of Easter love. Sure we still get a cute card and a chocolate Easter bunny, but no more are the days of running down stairs to a massive Easter basket with our favorite candy and little gadgets.

I was reminded all to well of the pleasure Easter baskets used to bring  while shopping for $60 worth a few bags of candy to fill a care package for Travis and his Marine buddies.
We filled an Easter box with all the Easter basket essentials. 
Candy? Check. Toys? Check. Easter eggs? Check.

I went a lot crazy in the Easter isle of the grocery store, finding candy and fun little toys to pass the down time in Afghanistan.

While packaging up these Easter treats, I couldn't help but miss Easter baskets when I was a little kid. I can't believe I grew out of Easter baskets!

P.S. Mom if you are reading this, I like milk chocolate.. enough with these dark chocolate bunnies, its like eating poo.. in my opinion. But thank you for thinking of me!

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