Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Can't Believe

Top o' the morning to ya! I am linking up with Robin to bring you today's "I Can't Believe!"

I can't believe... UNH is already calling me asking for money "donations." I mean C'MON, I graduated less than 6 months ago and you think I have enough money to start donating? Give me some time to get on my feet and support myself and then I will think about donating!

I can't believe... There is still snow on the ground. Really, Mother Nature? Last year at this time it was 80 degrees! (I am not exaggerating, it was in the newspaper yesterday)

I can't believe... I spent all of my Friday night online looking at houses in Georgia. My mom and step dad may be moving there so my entire family (including the bf) sat around pursuing the market down in Georgia.

I can't believe... My boyfriend spent all weekend up at my dad's house moving furniture and he still wants to be with me! Every time he comes up to visit my dad always puts him to work, poor kid. This was him after a long day's work.

What can't you believe?

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  1. We don't have snow but it is very cold! And it's been a week since spring began. I hope you can find a great place in Georgia if your mom and step-dad move. :)