Thursday, December 27, 2012

It was the most wonderful time...

... of the year!

In my family, Christmas is a three day event. Filled with a lot of road trips, food, and cat-naps. Of course, there is also the wonderful tradition of watching 24 hrs of A Christmas Story.

Let us start with Christmas Eve. My Dad drives 4 hours down to my Nana's house and picks me up half way down.

We always stop for tea at Starbucks. A tradition we will never give up. Bonding over tea and Christmas music

At my Nana's we took our obligatory "cousin" picture, this year outfitted with Santa hats. Tis' the season!

My Dad and I got back in the car and drove 4 hours back up North to his house. I was pleasantly surprised to wake up on Christmas morning with SNOW!

Our Christmas is laced with many traditions, one of which is eating homemade Christmas cookies for breakfast. Another tradition that will never be given up.. YUM!

My sister, BIL (brother-in-law) and I open our stockings that Santa's elves graciously fill every year.

Our puppy, LiLi, was not impressed with her stocking present so she decided to dig through ours.

While waiting for our extended family to make their way to our house, we continue eating cookies and watching A Christmas Story (for the third time that morning).

Once our family members arrive, we all sit down and open presents as a whole family. Everyone was on the nice list and Santa treated everyone very well. Thank you, Santa!

We end the day by opening the cards hidden (kind of) in the tree (another tradition) and eat a delicious meal.

On the 26th, I celebrate Christmas with my Mom, Step dad, and brother. I am lucky to have two families that enjoy everything the holiday season has to give!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday!

What are your holiday traditions?

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