Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Chat Stew

Let's chat shal we?

First of all I am sitting here drinking my morning cup of coffee (something I haven't done in weeks) and watching Live with Kelly & Michael. One of the best shows ever? I think so! Goodness they are so funny. So Michael of Kelly, if you are reading this.. keep making me laugh, you make me feel motivated to start a fun productive day!

Moving on.
Who is excited to see the second Dispicable Me? This girl! I literally can not wait to see those little yellow munchkins! I mean come on.. how can you not adore these things..

Has anyone heard of guanabana? Neither had I. Until I took a vitamin water out of the fridge and saw this.

Let me tell you.. it. is. delicious. Run out and grab yourself a strawberry-guanabana vitamin water, you will not be disappointed!

I have been trying to eat better. I fractured my foot so I am out of commission when it comes to exercising. Therefore I have taken on a low-fat low-card diet for the time being so I don't look like whale at the end of this. Wish me luck everyone.. I like my sweets and bread.

Que drastic change in mood..
on a serious note it is hard to accept defeat, especially when you strive so hard to succeed. No one likes the feeling of failure. I don't like the feeling of failing especially on an exam that determines my career. I received my results for my Child Life exam and I missed the passing grade by 15 points.

"Are you kidding me! 15 points! 15 points, Courtney you couldn't have upped your game for three questions?!" That is what has been going on in my head for the last couple weeks. Sure I talk to my family and friends and they are so supportive (thank you all!) and I understand that it is not the end of the world and I can take it again in the fall, but I feel like a total failure. Defeated. Embarrassed. and low.

Time to schedule more studying into my schedule. I thought I was done with this crap! But I have accepted that I need to re-take the exam in November and rock the socks off that test. Wish me luck!

And with that, I am going to shower and find a quiet cafe to look over material and drink some yummy tea. Have a fabulous Wednesday, everyone!

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